John can speak to a wide range of topics as a special needs parent, from more general topics, like how a young adult finds employment, or how to build supports for a child/young adult in a church setting, to more personal topics such as how to support special needs dads (especially single dads!) and how parents can help to process the realities of daily life with a special needs child. John pulls from his considerable life experiences and resources as a single special needs parent himself and his many years working in school settings. As John is now working for a special needs non-profit, John can tailor his presentations to meet your unique needs. Reach out to John with your questions, comments and ideas for your next conference or meeting!

Speaking Topics

Faith and the Special Needs Single Parent

In this presentation, John speaks on the role of faith in the lives of fathers of special needs children, specifically those who are new to Christianity but also those who are in the role of single parenting. Using his own experience as a Father who was brought to Christ largely because of his son’s disability, he will highlight the ways God uses the struggles and challenges we face, especially as men and fathers to strengthen and grow our faith, whether married or single. John also shares practical tools for how to apply faith in our daily lives.

You Are More Than...

In this session, John explores the challenges that special-needs parents face as advocates for their children, dealing with the experiences that most parents have had with the various doctors, specialists, and teachers that have essentially told them that they are only the parent, not the expert. Participants share times in small groups when we had to go beyond our normal role as parents and step into a larger identity to both defend and support our children when given a negative evaluation. John also empowers parents with some practical tips and strategies for how to respond in these situations.

Meaningful Employment: What It Is and How Does My Child Get It?

In this presentation, John looks at the different approaches and strategies involved in not only finding a meaningful job placement for your special needs adult, but also how to work with the employer to help craft and shape the particular position. John will share from his own experience as a customized employment specialist to describe what a comprehensive job placement approach looks like, the strategies involved and how it differs from other philosophies. John will provide examples from his own work experience and demonstrate how having the right perspectives and attitudes about your young adult finding work matters as much as the actual job placement.

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John can speak to couples, families, or just dads at retreats for special needs families

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