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John is a contributing writer for several special needs organizations including Key Ministry, Hope Anew and The Mighty.
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Key Ministry Special Needs Parenting

John has been writing for the Key Ministry Special Needs Parenting blog for several years. You can find all of his posts for the SNP blog here.


Hope Anew

A Christ-centered group that “gets” it for parents of kids with special needs.


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The Mighty

The Mighty is a safe, supportive community for people facing health challenges and the people who care for them.

Featured Podcast Episodes

Dad to Dad Podcast

In partnership with Couch Media,  21CD is producing a series of inspirational podcast stories, of some extraordinary fathers, to inspire all dads, raise awareness for the Special Father’s Network and recruit more Mentor Fathers.

A Special Hope Podcast

Discovering special hope in the stories of those living with special needs, those who strive to minister to special needs families, and the God who is making all things new.

Featured Videos

FB Live Hosted by Not Alone 2018

John discusses tips, tricks, and practical suggestions for vacationing as a special needs family. From preparation to coming home, John talks through how to have a successful and enjoyable vacation. 


Inclusion Fusion Live! Conference 2018

From the Inclusion Fusion Live! Conference, hosted by Key Ministry in Bay Village, OH, this dad’s panel features John Felageller, Jonathan McGuire, and Jason Hague. These dads of kids with disabilities talk about the blessings and challenges they face and encourage other dads. 

Wonderfully Made Conference 2019

From the Wonderfully Made Conference, hosted by SOAR Special Needs Ministry in Kansas City, join this talk to hear from a panel of experienced parents as they share wisdom they’ve gathered from walking the path of a special needs parent.

FB Live Hosted by Key Ministry 2020

Being a single parent of a child with special needs presents unique challenges during this time of quarantine. John Felageller  talks about handling issues like joint custody and routines during a time that is anything but routine.

#TalkWithDoc - Dads Panel - How To Survive Stay At Home - May 29 2020

Doc Hunsley from SOAR Special Needs is joined by John Felageller, Jonathan McGuire, Larry Jamieson, Kevin Molis, Jason Hague, and Jarell Roach as these dads share their resources and their wisdom and talk on “How To Survive Stay At Home” and much more! Our dad’s have children ranging from preschool through adult and will be able to talk through any concern you might have! We will also answer your questions.

John Felageller and Joy Henderson's Father's Day 2021

A great Fathers Day message for all you great Special Needs Dads out there from Behavioral Perspectives!

John Felageller, Key Ministry Quick Take 2024

The Power of Community. In this session, John will reflect on how finding and developing intentional community has impacted and supported his journey as a special needs and single father. John will describe his experiences with established groups and communities of special needs families and parents, and also how he was able to create his own support groups, both locally and on a national level. John will also share his advice on how to find and develop community and support groups in your area.

Reflecting Back with Michelle Podcast

John Felageller is the Ministry Relations Manager at Joni and Friends Chicago, working with churches to equip and train them to help the disabled in their communities. Previous to that, he spent almost 20 years in education, working with children from Infants to Middle School, serving in a variety of roles including Teacher, Mentor Teacher and School Director. John lives in Round Lake, IL and is a single father to his son Christopher (ASD). He is a public speaker, multiple podcast guest, and regular contributor to Key Ministry’s Special Needs Family blog, as well as other special needs blogs including Hope Anew and The Mighty. !